Know first that banks are free to grant or refuse to lend money and they have no obligation to provide explanations and notify the CNIL in case of refusal of loan will not allow therefore to know the reason that motivated the decision of the bank .

How to obtain the grounds for refusal?

The decision must be based on an objective risk analysis that scrutinizes all elements of the file: financial, heritage and professional. The result is in principle in the form of a score that motivates the decision and allows the bank analyst to say or not.

Ask your bank advisor

Ask your bank advisor

Before going to the CNIL, start by asking your banker and ask him in detail the reasons for his refusal . If you think your case deserves a different outcome, ask for an appointment and see if the problematic item can be improved.

If your application has been scored or rated, ask for the results obtained on your file.

The law gives you a right of access . Exercise it by writing to the bank to send you in writing the notes obtained in the study of your credit report as well as any comments that have been annotated.

If you have been FICP listed and the Bank of France has just deleted your name, it is possible that your banker has not yet received the information. Indeed, it is transmitted to all credit organizations once a month. In this case, ask the Banque de France to provide proof of your cancellation .

Good to know: in the event of a refusal of a guarantee by Crédit Logement, you must contact your banker, the agreements between the bank and the surety company do not authorize the latter to explain to you the reasons for the refusal of guarantee .

Get help

That it is clear, the CNIL will not intervene to settle a dispute with your banker or even to assist you to obtain compensation. Its role is limited to requiring the bank to inform you about your risk score or score (1) when they have been established and to interview the Bank of France to verify if you are registered.

For this you must send a letter to the complaints department of the CNIL at the following address: 8, rue Vivienne CS 30223 75083 Paris Cedex 02 or directly on the site (see the link at the end of the article).

A few words on the CNIL

A few words on the CNIL

It is the Law of January 6, 1978, which established the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms in order to allow consumers to protect themselves against the misuse of computer files .

Every company has the obligation to declare all computer files containing personal data of its customers.

Its control mission allows it to intervene at the request of a borrower from a bank that refuses to provide the required information on the scores or scores awarded during the analysis of the file.

What are the grounds for refusal?

What are the grounds for refusal?

There are many reasons for a bank to refuse a loan and each case is unique. On the other hand, know that the risk analysis is global. Sometimes there is no specific reason , but rather a general situation that leads the bank to consider that your application carries a credit risk too high.

For example, despite a debt ratio of less than 33%, a stable situation and good bank accounts, the bank refuses on the grounds that your remaining income is insufficient to cover other household expenses.